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InterConnection - Weaving a Web of Support Around the Globe

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About InterConnection (IC)
Founded in 1999, InterConnection includes a pool of over 100 Virtual Volunteers and supports more than 70 non-profit and non-governmental organizations in 26 developing countries -- to  promote environmental preservation, human rights and economic and community development.

InterConnectionís primary level of support is its website assistance program. This program provides non-profit organizations with high quality, affordable Internet services, primarily website development, at no cost or low cost. Other non-profit assistance services include Internet and technology training, volunteer placement, and limited computer donations.

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InterConnection Virtual Volunteer Program
Many people have a desire to help people in other countries but canít leave their jobs or families for extended periods of time.  InterConnection's Virtual Volunteer Program matches web-savvy volunteers from all over the world with non-profit organizations in developing countries who need websites. Volunteers work via the Internet, to create custom-made, professional websites. The accessibility of this innovative program is the key to its tremendous success. Since all work is done online, it provides a venue for global-minded people to help developing communities without leaving home Learn more

InterConnection  Contact Information

5215 Ballard Ave NW, Suite 5
Seattle, WA 98107

Phone: 206-310-4547       Fax: 206-297-0891

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