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  Global SchoolNet Supports Mondialogo!
 Mondialogo School Competition
Mondialogo School Contest initiated by DaimlerChrysler and UNESCO invites students to engage in intercultural dialogue
  • Hurry! Deadline is 24 October 2005!
  • 25,000 students from 126 countries participated in 2004

    Stuttgart/Paris – Registration for the Mondialogo School Contest will run until 24 October 2005. Students between the ages of 14 and 18 are eligible to participate in the global initiative launched by DaimlerChrysler and UNESCO, which aims to encourage dialogue among young people from different cultures. By asking students to work together on a joint project, organizers encourage students from different cultures to become more inquisitive and to gain appreciation for values such as understanding, respect and tolerance. Ambassadors for the initiative include Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho and Swedish writer Henning Mankell. Registration is possible online at

    After registering for the Mondialogo School Contest, each participating school is matched with a partner team from another country. Teams agree on a joint project and then work together to create a shared result reflecting intercultural dialogue and cooperation. Creative project results from the first contest include: music, plays, collages, photo documentaries, sculptures and web pages – students demonstrated unlimited degrees of imagination. A Mondialogo Internet Portal in five languages ( provides the main dialogue medium for the contest.

    Students and teachers from particularly committed schools will be invited to Mexico in November 2006 for the international Mondialogo Symposium, where partner teams will meet for the first time. Workshops and joint activities will be followed by a festive award ceremony to recognize students’ achievements and to award prizes to the three most outstanding partner teams.

    Some 25,000 students from 126 countries took part in the first Mondialogo School Contest in 2003/2004, making it the largest worldwide contest for secondary school students. DaimlerChrysler and UNESCO, (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) launched the Mondialogo initiative in 2003 to foster understanding, respect and tolerance among cultures and to encourage young people from different cultural backgrounds to enter into dialogue.

    In addition to the Mondialogo School Contest, the initiative includes an international engineering award encouraging sustainable development and poverty reduction in developing countries - the Mondialogo Engineering Award. Mondialogo’s award-winning five-language Mondialogo Internet portal also hosts the Mondialogo Magazine which regularly runs new features on intercultural themes.

    At the beginning of September 2005, the International Visual Communication Association (IVCA) in London honoured the initiative with its “Clarion Award 2005”. The jury praised Mondialogo’s “outstanding contribution to the debate on ethical values and sustainable development”.

    The authors are solely responsible for the choice and the presentation of the content of this newsletter/website, and for the opinions expressed therein, which are not necessarily those of UNESCO or DaimlerChrysler and do not commit the initiators of Mondialogo.
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