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Another Message From Woodsy -- 9-06-96

Date: Fri, 06 Sep 1996 18:02:57
Subject: Re: How are you and Aussie going?

G'Day Mates!

See... my new friend Aussie is already teaching me how to talk like an Australian.

Woodsy with Mr. Rogers on ABC National Radio This is such a pretty country. I have been enjoying my trip with Mr. Rogers. On Wednesday I was interviewed on ABC national radio. Yesterday I gave a lecture to 100 teachers at the Maritime Museum in Sydney. I have pictures that I'll be sending you as soon as I can settle down and finish writing about my adventures.

I'm was so excited to meet all of you last Tuesday, and can hardly wait to come back and live with you. Monash is my kind of school!

I'll be joining you in about 2 weeks.

Bye for now. I promise to write to you soon about the airplane flight.


At 10:23 AM 9/6/96 +1000, you wrote:
>Dear Woodsy and Aussie,

How are you? We hope you are having a good time.

Love Renae

Hi Aussie

I hope you are having fun with Woodsy. What foods are you eating?

From your mates in 2/3 W

Hello Aussie and Woodsy

Are you both good? I hope so. Are you having fun?

From Tin Tin

To Aussie

How are you now? I hope you like Woodsy and I hope you are having fun.

From Nuraini

Dear Woodsy

How are you going? Are you having fun? What are you doing? Are you friends
with Aussie?

From Christie



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